Some of the questions we frequently get asked by customers..

Find answers to Frequently Asked Questions about our Wild Camp Experience & Wilderness Adventure Weekends.


What is a Wild Camping Experience? 

Our Wild Camp Experience is a blend of camping, bushcraft and wilderness activities. The experience is designed around enjoying the woodland environment, learning practical skills and taking part in a variety of woodland activities, challenges, games and spending the night under the stars.

You’ll be staying in a luxury Bell tent, cooking over an open fire and kicking back in our lovingly made wild campsite in an untouched & wild private Cornish woodland.

What is a Wilderness & Adventure Weekend? 

Our Wilderness & Adventure Weekends combine a Wild Camp Experience and an adventure activity. Choose from a surfing lesson, coasteering session or both.

We welcome guests to join us on any day / night of the week.


What is a luxury Bell tent? 

A Bell tent is a large canvas tent that is spacious, airy and suitable for several people to sleep in comfortably.

Take a look at the Bell tent that we use here.

Can I bring my own tent?

You’re welcome to bring your own tent. There is an area that you will be able to use within the camping ‘live area’. If the weather looks dry your welcome to request a quick lesson in setting up a hammock and tarpaulin or even build your own shelter.

What will I be sleeping on?

We provide single air beds, clean sheets and a pillow for you to sleep on. You will need to bring your own sleeping bag for the night – we can provide extra blankets if you think you need it.

Why would I pay to go wild camping? 

This is a fully hosted Wild Camping Experience –  The experience starts from the moment you arrive at our traditional working dairy farm.

You’ll be taught a variety of bushcraft skills, camping hacks, taking part in fun woodland activities and cooking over the camp fire.

This is a unique hosted experience that isn’t replicated anywhere.


What will I be doing? 

You can do as much or as little as you want.  Tailor your Wild Camp Experience to suit your taste – focus on bushcraft skills or kick back and relax in a hammock in the serenity of the private Cornish Woodland.

The Wild Camping Experience is designed for you to be as active or relaxed as you wish.  Read a book in our quite area as you gaze over a tranquil view of the untouched Cornish countryside or get involved for the evenings preparations by learning some basic bushcraft skills or simply kick back and relax around our social area with your favourite drink.

We are flexible in what you wish to include in your experience, please let us know what you would like.

What are light bushcraft skills? 

To us light bushcraft skills means learning the fun basic woodland skills and camping hacks that are interesting and have real life application.

For those wanting in depth bushcraft skills please highlight this to us when enquiring. You can request and tailor your session to include or exclude what ever you like.

What are fun woodland activities?

Our mixture of woodland activities are designed to keep the group entertained as the evening develops. From relaxed competition axe throwing, slack lining to our woodland tuck of war you’ll be able to dip in and out of what you like. There is plenty to keep you entertained.

I’ve never camped or done any bushcraft before – Is it suitable for me?

Involve yourself as much or as little as you like. This is a relaxed evening that doesn’t have any limitations. If you have no interest in taking part in the activities you are welcome to swing in a hammock or kick back around the fire.

If you have never camped before don’t worry the tents are comfortable and dry. We like to think that our Wild Camp Experience is a great way for folks new to the outdoors to experience camping in a hosted, friendly and relaxed environment.

Is this session suitable for a Stag Do, Hen Party or Birthday? 

Yes. We offer this activity to Stag Do’s, Hen Parties and birthdays. – The Wild Camp Experience works perfectly as a Friday evening activity allowing friends to catch up in a relaxed yet interactive environment.

Groups can join us just for the Wild Camp Experience or add an activity for the full Wilderness & Adventure Weekend.

Each session can be bought separately and tailored to your needs. Just let us know what you feel will suit your group when enquiring.


Are your instructors qualified? 

All of our bushcraft activities are overseen and delivered by experienced bushcraft instructors – We are certified, adopt and adhere to The Institute for Outdoor Learning frame work for delivering outdoor bushcraft activity sessions and have completed an Institute for Outdoor Learning Accredited Course and provided by IOL Organisational Members.

Are you insured?

Yes. We are full insured by the Activities Industry Mutual – We are happy to provide copies of all our insurance at request.

Is there phone signal?

Yes. There is phone coverage in the camp for most providers. You’ll be able to reach out to friends & family through calls, texts and social.

What if it rains? 

Unfortunately with the British climate we often have rain during our time in the woodlands. In anticipation we have large 50ft parachutes and large tarps for coverage, along with natural shelter from the woodland you’ll be able to keep warm and dry very easily.

Unless we see stormy weather forecast ahead the session will still go ahead in wet weather.


How do I get there?

Upon booking your session you will receive an address and directions to our Wild Camp Experience location. We are based on a working diary farm roughly 11 miles from Newquay, Cornwall. Please have your mobile phone handy when arriving.

How far is it from Newquay? 

Our Wild Camp Experience is set in peaceful private Cornish woodlands 11 miles from Newquay. We are based on a working farm. Directions to our meeting point are provided upon booking.

Is there parking?

There is parking at the farm. You’ll be leaving your car safely on a working dairy farm a short 10 minute walk form the wild camp site. Make sure that you have all that you need as we ask that once we are in our wild camp area that we do not revisit the cars.

*Our wild camp woodlands are based on a live working farm and we kindly ask guests to not walk un attended through certain areas for their own safety.

Is there an minimum age for children? 

We don’t have a minimum age for the Wild Camp Experience. This really is the call of the parents on whether a child is at a suitable age to spend an evening in the woods. Activities can be tailored to suit children of all ages although the session is typically aimed as a whole family activity.

What time does it start and finish?

Typically we ask you to meet us as close to 4.30pm as you can. We will be leaving the site at 10am the following morning.


Do we need to bring our own food? 

Yes. We do ask that you bring your own food. Simple is best as you will be bbq’ing and cooking over the camps open fire.

We can happily suggest some good options for food and where to buy. Please ask when enquiring.

How do we cook food?

You will be able to BBQ your food over the open fire. We have basic kitchen facilities on site and will provide utensils etc…

Often your host will be able to assist or take the lead in cooking if you wish.

A breakfast of bacon, eggs tea & coffee is provided by Cornish Wave.

Can I bring alcohol?

You’re welcome to bring a few drinks with you to enjoy while you relax around the campfire. It goes with out saying please drink responsibly. Some activities such axe throwing will be monitored and limited around alcohol.

Can I get drinking water?

You will need to bring 1 litre of drinking water per person with you. We do stock water on site if you run dry.

What is the minimum group size?

This will depend on the package that you join us for. Typically we ask for a minimum of two people.

We offer bespoke activity packages for couples, small groups of friends and families.

What time of year does this session run?

We run our Wild Camp Experience sessions from 1st of May – 31st of October each year.

How many nights can we stay?

We have limited it to one night per visit. Wild Camp Experience is an activity session that is designed to be experienced once. If you wish to stay a second night please ask when enquiring.

What facilities are there?

We have basic facilities on site – There is a private composting toilet for when nature calls.

Fresh water to wash your hands, face and brush your teeth.

Will there be a representative with us all night?

Yes. There will be a member of staff staying onsite all night should you need any assistance.

Will we have the camp to ourselves?

This will depend on the type of group that you are. Occasionally we will have mixed couples staying at the same time. Typically if you are in a small group of friends or a family you will have the camp to yourselves. Please enquire at the time of booking if you are wanting to ensure a private experience.

Can I smoke in the woods?

You are able to smoke in the woodland. This must be done appropriately in the designated smoking area where there is minimum risk of fire.

What do i need to bring with me?

Please request our suggested packing list when enquiring.

What time do I arrive at the Wild Camping Experience location? 

We ask all guests to arrive between 4pm – 5pm for optimal time to relax and take advantage of evening light and activities. Departure in the morning will be before 10am.

Will it be cold? 

This really depends on the time of year and local weather. Please ensure that you read our suggested packing list for what to bring. Expect to be warmed by the camps fire, our tents are good quality Bell tents that will keep you warm and dry.

I have a dog – Can I bring it along to Wild Camp Experience? 

You are welcome to bring your dog along to your Wild Camping Experience – We ask that your dog stays on a lead at all times. The camp is located in the heart of a working diary farm and as such no domestic animals are permitted to roam freely.  *This is an important rule and may be subject to fines if not adhered to.


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