Get active with your family and embrace the outdoors!

Time with our families is precious – Sharing a unique outdoor experience is a great way to bring your family together, and what better way than to embrace the outdoors and enjoy a family adventure break in Cornwall?

Get involved with Surfing, Coasteering and a unique evening of Wild Camping in our private Cornish woodland.

Why not join us for our family focused adventure breaks each Wednesday and Sunday during half terms and summer holidays?

Strengthen your family bonds, improve your trust, and help you create some fond memories that you can look back on in many years to come.

How can your family benefit from outdoor adventure activities?

Although a family may be extremely close, it is not always easy to spend quality time together – children have to attend school and parents have to go to work. A family activity holiday can provide you with a real chance to share a week or two in each other companies and escape from the stress of everyday life. Some of the main benefits of engaging in this type of holiday are listed below:

– You can help your children develop important skills.
– You can try some new activities you may not otherwise think to do.
– You can spend quality time with your family.
– You can interact with nature and wildlife.

These are just some of the main benefits and there are many more! A family activity holiday is like nothing else you will experience and your family is guaranteed to come closer together as a result. Who wouldn’t want to create some amazing memories together and watch their children grow and learn new skills?

Family friendly surfing lesson

No matter your experience or aspirations, our family friendly surfing lessons are just for families wanting to enjoy the Cornish surf in a safe yet relaxed environment.  Your lesson starts with basic beach safety, how to manage your surfboard in the sea and how to catch waves on your stomach. Once you’ve mastered the basics it’s time to move on to popping up and riding waves to the shore.

Pitched to the individual level, each stage of the surfing lesson is explained and demonstrated in an easy to understand and follow format. Your qualified surf coach is on hand throughout the session to ensure everyone is having a fantastic time and getting the most out of the Cornish Waves.

A night under the stars

Spending a night in our purpose built wild camping is a truly memorable experience for both young or old.  Whether it’s the families first camp out or a family of seasoned expeditions our hosted wild camp evenings provide the perfect setting for relaxing after a day of activities.

From fun woodland games to bushcraft skills and learning about the nature of our woodland there is plenty to do and see for both adults and children alike. As the evening draws it’s time to bbq and relax around the campfire with stories of the day, your favourite drink and a roasted marshmallow.

Our large canvas bell tents complete with air beds and pillows provide a comfortable nights sleep in the serenity of our secure private woodland, set in amongst a working dairy farm in the heart of Cornwall.

Our family adventure breaks are available to book privately or join us on our existing dates each Wednesday and Sunday during school half terms and summer holidays.

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