What is Coasteering?

What is Coasteering? 

Coasteering is a fantastic blend of adrenaline, adventure and exploration suitable for all ages. 


Coasteering is primarily a water based coastal adventure activity where participants overcome a mixture of natural obstacles and challenges using a variety of basic skills such as wild swimming, low level traversing, entering & exiting the water and deep water jumps, to name a few.

In it’s most basic form, Coasteering involves entering and exiting the water from differing heights and means.

Push boundaries at your own pace with an experienced Coasteering guide in newquay cornwall

What Do you actually do in coasteering?

A typical Coasteering session follows a dynamic yet predetermined route in a coastal area which contains a mixture of features that present both challenges, and allow for flow of movement within a group.

Venturing from point A to int B, the goal of coasteering is to explore along the very edge of the coastline where ocean meets rock, seeking out places that are otherwise inaccessible through any other methods.

Your session starts with an overview of what Coasteering involves,  the various features you may expect in your location and the safety equipment carried and worn by your guides.

Common features are sluices, gullies, pour overs, or cave exploration, squeezes and low level traverses.


With no previous experience required, anyone can enjoy a coasteering session. You don’t have to be Bear Grills or have an interest in other water sports like surfing in order join in.

Although a basic swimming ability is a prerequisite you won’t swim long distances.

Your will learn skills such as defensive swimming, how to exit deep water and how to jump from height to name a few, your guides will cover these and more before you enter the water.

Our coasteering leaders are there to support, guide and coach individuals through out your activity session.


Coasteering is an opportunity to push your personal boundaries at your own pace, with the reassurance and guidance of experienced guides Coasteering at it’s core allows for personal growth in a fun and exciting outdoor environment.

Known as challenge by choice, your Coasteer guides constantly assess individual abilities within a group and gently challenge participants to step out of their personal comfort zones.

Whether that be a low level traverse, belly flopping or cliff jumping.

You won’t be asked to do anything that you don’t want to do.


Coasteering in Cornwall is a fun physical activity in one of the most beautiful environments the UK has to offer. Cornwall’s dramatic cliffs, hidden bays and fascinating maritime history provide a playground like no other.

Allow yourself to be guided through outstanding scenery as you put into practice skills that help you navigate the Coasteering route.

Coasteering in Cornwall is a must for adventure seekers and those wanting to experience, explore and learn about our coastal environment in a unique and exhilarating way.

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Find out more about Coasteering

Private CoasteeringPerfect for small groups of all ages and abilities, a fun and active coasteering adventure

  • Tailored to all abilities
  • Explore and learn
  • Small groups, experienced guides

The Classic CoasteerOur Classic Coasteer in Newquay is the essential coasteering experience including caves, whirlpools, big jumps and adventure swims

  • Whirlpools & Caves
  • Daring Jumps
  • Coasteering Adventure

Discovery CoasteeringDiscover hidden caves, secret pathways and dive into Cornwall’s rich coastal history

  • For groups or individuals
  • Discover coastal history
  • Explore Caves & sluices

HOW TO BOOK Coasteering

We offer great value prices for all of our Coasteering sessions.

Contact us with the dates that you wish to join us for some Coasteering.

Confirm that you are happy with your Coasteering session details & pay securely via Paypal or over the phone on 01637 872031 between 7am and 9pm each day.

You’ll be given your arrival time in your booking confirmation email. Meet us at our central base in Newquay (4 Alma Place, Newquay, TR7 1NF) Bring a towel and a something to wear under your wetsuit. We provide the rest!

For further information about any of our activity sessions or Wilderness & Adventure packages please get in touch using our contact form, send us an email using hello@cornishwave.com or give us a call on 07771 718 125 or 01637 872031.

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