Surfing at Watergate Bay: Top 5 Reasons to surf Watergate Bay

Top 5 reasons to surf Watergate Bay

Watergate bay is a firm favourite among North Cornwall locals and visiting surfers alike. It’s not hard to see why when you have all the ingredients of a perfect surf session. Check out the top 5 reasons why Watergate Bay should be your next surf spot.

1. The Tide’s Just Swell!

Unlike most beaches in Cornwall, Watergate Bay is a surf spot that allows great surfing conditions on most tides. Generally speaking, you’ll find the best waves at a mid or high tide. Watergate Bay picks up a lot of ground swell (especially Westward) due to it’s facing West; straight out to the Atlantic. The swell generally increases with the tide – the higher the tide, the bigger the waves. A great way to get some surf lessons Newquay!

2. Natural Shelter

The Bay performs best on a light south-easterly offshore wind because shelter is provided at high tide by our big imposing cliffs. A local’s tip is to check Watergate Bay even if the rest of Cornwall is blowing a gale.

3. Pro Favourite

A pivotal stop on the UK Pro Surf Tour, the Bay plays host to The English National Surfing Championships every May – the UK’s longest running pro surf competition.

Clean waves at Watergate Bay Clean waves at Watergate Bay

4. Beachside Facilities

With restaurants, bars and places to stay the night in abundance, there’s something for everyone off the water as well as in the surf. An added bonus is ample car parking just a few minutes walk from the beach.

5. Easy On The Eye

When you’re not catching waves, you’ll be taking in the views. Watergate Bay is a stunning 2 mile stretch of golden sands backed by towering cliffs. Sit back and take a deep breath, this is simply a nice place to be.

Find out more about this surfing sweet spot, and what surf lessons Cornwall are available in our surf spot guide to Watergate Bay.

Watergate Bay - A nice place to be Watergate Bay – A nice place to be

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