Team Building Activities In Newquay

The key benefits of a team building activities with surf lessons Newquay

Thinking of organising a team building day but not sure if the crunch is worth it? In this post we explain why a team building day is vital to the success of your business.

Whether it’s group cohesion, celebrating a successful quater or ramping up for the year ahead our corporate adventure activities are sure to provide the recipe for achieving results.

Break down communication barriers

A great team building activity will include every member of your group and ensure everyone is equally pulling their weight. People will need to rely on each other throughout and the activities will help break down any cultural or language barriers that may have been slowing you down in the office.

Increases employee morale

According to a recent survey, businesses experience a 31% increase in efficiency if the employees have a higher morale. An afternoon, day or even weekend away from the office shows your team how valuable they are to you and your business. We’re talking more than just a free lunch down the local pub!

Character building

Everyone goes into the activity with the same amount of knowledge. As the task progresses you will start to see who the natural leaders are, who’s the most creative and other skills will present themselves that hadn’t been apparent previously. You can then start to use these new found skills in your everyday work life.

Relationship building

As you already know, communication is key to a great workflow. Getting people together and working with people they don’t usually talk to is a great way to connect departments. Staff will feel more confident picking up the phone and the entire office atmosphere will be happier. 70% of people believe that having friends in the workplace is fundamental to a happy office.

Corporate Team building Adventure day activities

Take a look of our team building ideas in Newquay or check out Adventure Connections for more ideas around the UK.