Learn to Surf Theory – Part Four – Left and Right Hand Breaking Waves

how to tell the difference between left and right breaking waves

surf lesson theory

When a surfer paddles to catch and ride a wave, he or she is attempting to read or anticipate how a wave might break before a wave peaks or breaks. This decision leads on to the surfer’s choice of direction to travel and can affect the range of comfortable manoeuvres that he or she may attempt on that wave.

Step 1.  Spot the peak early.

Step 2.  Match the pace of the wave before it peaks.

Step 3. Keep your eye on the wave

Step 4. Take control

Golden Rules

  • Look both ways before popping up.
  • Show direction of travel when paddling for a wave.
  • Always read the direction of travel as if it was you surfing the wave. This is opposite from when standing on the beach.
  • When paddling back out to the line-up, paddle to the opposite direction of travel from the oncoming surfer.

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