Surf Hire In Newquay

Newquay Surf Hire

If you are visiting the area and looking for some surf boards, a bodyboard or surf related equipment hire in Newquay, whether it be for a Newquay stag do or simply groups of people looking for some fun, we have a large range of warm winter wetsuits, stretchy summer suits, bodyboards and surfboards in all shapes and sizes.

We offer competitive prices with flexibility in how long you wish to hire the equipment for.

For the best price rates and to book your surf equipment hire in Newquay please call 01637 872031 between 7am – 9pm each day or get in touch using


Half day surf hire is 3 hours from once you pick up your surf equipment.


Yes, you’re welcome to keep your rental equipment overnight at no extra cost.


We open stand for surf hire at 10am. We ask all surf equipment hire is returned by 4.30pm


We’ll need to take a copy of a bank card’s details as security.

Surf Hire & Equipment Hire


Surfboard & wetsuit – £18


Beginner foam surfboard – £8

Intermediate surfboard – £10

Wetsuit – £8

Multi-day, group or package hire discounts available please email

Safety Required For Surfing

For anyone hiring surf equipment it is essential that you understand and acknowledge several pieces of surf & beach safety information. The RLNI have a beach safety information page with all the information that you need before heading down to the beach.

All people that intend to use a surf boards / bodyboards should know exactly what the risks are and have to minimize the likelihood of an issue arising. Anyone hiring from our surf school stand must not be under the influence of anything such as alcohol. Anyone groups with people under the age of 16 must be accompanied by at least one adult. Our safety rules are set through our  surfing school, whether you are hiring a bodyboard, paddle, boots or fins.

Know your flags

Understanding TIdes

Tides can play a huge part in how safe the beach is. With 4 tides every 24hours and large tidal ranges in the UK, being aware of what the tide will be doing whilst you are at the beach is vital.

Read our Beginners guide to tides.


Learn the key points of how to identify rip currents & surf in safety.

Being able to spot a rip current is an important skill that could one day save your life or the life of other surfers. In this post, we aim to highlight some vital information about rip currents and basic surf safety.


“Rips are strong currents running out to sea, which can quickly drag people and debris away from the shallows of the shoreline and out to deeper water.” (Source)


If caught in a rip current, don’t fight it! Paddle parallel to the shore or back to land at a 45-degree angle.

– Examine your options

– Never ditch your surfboard

– Call for help

– Paddle parallel to the shore or an angle of 45 degrees to escape the ‘grip of the rip’. Never swim against it.

Read our full guide about How to understand rip currents & surf safety here.

Renting the right wetsuit

Chances are you don’t rent wetsuits very often and like anything your not familiar with it can be hard to tell what is a good wetsuit, does it fit properly or is it even on the right way round.

Water temperatures in the UK are typically classed as ‘cold water’ (water temperatures below 15°C) On average water temperatures in the UK are 12°C, so making sure you have a correctly fitted wetsuit which is appropriate to the time of year is vital for making the most of your time in the sea.

How thick does my wetsuit need to be?

When you rent your wetsuit it’s worth checking you have the correct thickness appropriate for the time of year. Too thin and you won’t last long in the sea, too thick and you’re boiling hot and cant wait to get out of the thing.

Summer suit = June to September | 3:2mm (3mm on the core and 2mm on the arms and legs)

Spring suit = April, October & early November | 4:3mm (4mm on the core and 3mm on the arms and legs)

Winter suit = Mid November to April | 5:3mm (5mm on the core and 3mm on the arms and legs)

What is a good rental wetsuit?

A good wetsuit can mean a range of things, from what type of neoprene its made from to how well it’s looked after. Of course like many things, the more you pay the more you’re going to get.

Unfortunately, surf hire has a made a bad name for itself over the years – sandy, thin and overused wetsuits being the norm and with an attitude of  you get what you’re given’

Depending on where you get your surf hire from, many rental wetsuits for surfing are not always the best – this can be due to general quality, overuse and badly looked after.

So, look for clean, hopefully, dry and fairly new looking wetsuit when renting. If it’s wet, sandy and thin-looking either ask for another one or head to another surf hire shop.

Does it fit properly?

This is the holy grail, even if you have the latest and thickness wetsuit on the market – having an incorrectly fitted wetsuit just won’t work.

A wetsuit should fit snuggly throughout your body. Tight but not too tight. Like a second skin. If the neck seal is open and the suit feels generally loose around your body then get a smaller one.

How Do Wetsuits work?

Wetsuits work by soaking in a small amount of water when you initially enter the sea. This water layer is then effectively trapped in by the wetsuit (which is partly why it needs to be tight) the movement form your body then heats this trapped water up, keeping you toasty.

Is it on the right way round?

There’s always one – double check with person issuing the wetsuit – Typically for rental wetsuits it’s zip at the back.


  • ISA Certified Surfing Instructors

    Our surfing instructors are ISA certified, meaning you can have peace of mind you’re being taught by an active professional in the field.

  • Price Match Guarantee

    All of our open group surfing lessons are covered by our Price Match Guarantee. We shall match any genuine quote for a Group Surf Lesson in the Newquay area!

  • Equipment Available on Hire

    All necessary equipment such as warm wetsuits, surfboards are available on hire. Just make sure you bring a spare change of clothes and an awesome attitude!


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