Surf Coach Newquay – Meet Jey


Surf coach Jey riding some Dominican Waves !! Surf coach Jey riding some Dominican Waves !!

What are your favourite Surf Spots?

Always a tough question, every surf spot has its pro’s and con’s and memories of time spent there, some scary, some fun, picking just one doest seem do the others justice. That said, surf lessons in Cornwall will always be one of my favourite places, it’s where I call home now and I love surfing and being part of the surfing community that exists there. Of course when it starts to get cold, trips away to a hot country and surfing in board shorts somewhere is also something I look forward to.

Why do you love Surfing? For me I love the fact that there are so many different elements to surfing, from the various styles that suit different boards and peoples personalities, the physical challenge of the sport, surf trips to different spots & waves, the community of people to the understanding behind surf science or rounding up some mates and having a joke whilst heading to the beach.

One of these areas for me is the anticipation of where and when you think the waves will be best, it’s one of the few sports that needs constant attention if you’re wanting to get the best conditions. Another big part of surfing for me is that it makes you want to travel, seek out new surf spots experience different cultures that are a world away from what you’re used to, and by doing so, constantly pushing your surfing to new levels and meeting like minded people.

What has been your best experience as a coach? Previously to surf coaching I have and been involved with several European Outdoor Providers in various roles, my most recent post being a trainer / monitor of coaching and instruction for a centre in Italy. Through these types of positions I have gained many years of experience in delivering quality structured lessons to a high standard and importantly to a large variety of demographics at differing levels.

I’ve found with surfing in particular its especially rewarding to see people develop, these ever changing conditions, which change from one wave to the next, makes it so tricky to repeat what you may have just done on your last wave. You can’t help but be exited for people when things come together, whatever their level.

In another sense there’s nothing quite like surfing, and that alone makes surf lessons Newquay so fun and rewarding for the participant and instructor. Some of the smiles you get when somebody first stands up will alone make your morning.

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