Surf Coach Jey

Interview with Cornish Wave founder/owner: Jorrin

Why have you decided to start your own Surf School and which steps of your life brought you there ?

My instructing and coaching life started out as an activity instructor in the UK and Europe with large outdoor companies.  As i had a water-sports background i naturally developed more in these activities. After some years in this i began to get the feeling i should start to put together the beginnings of an idea to work for myself one day. I never envisaged myself to be a big power player in the business world, but more to have spent some years working hard on an idea and achieving some personal goals through this business.   

It just so happened that i had been based in Cornwall on and off for a 2 or 3 years whilst studying FDSc in Outdoor Management when i felt that a decision about which direction to go with work came to a cross roads. This decision and the fore mentioned germ of an idea grew into Cornish Wave Mobile Surf School. 

Why should people choose Cornish Wave Mobile Surf School? 

We honestly care about what our customers experience with us. Cornish Wave is a small business and we value you the customer. We'll never see you go un happy. Approachable and friendly its now become a family and friends business.  We provide a good honest wholesome way to have fun safely in the sea and learn a skill.