Surf Coach Ash

Interview with a Surf Coach: Ash

  • Ashley Williams, aka Ash
  • 28 years old
  • Surf Coach years: 8


What is it like being a surf instructor in Newquay?

Love it, loads of people kicking around in the summer and plenty of water time to be had.

Do you really get to surf every day?

Yeah, as long as your arms will hold up really.

What’s the funniest thing you have seen someone do or say on your lesson?

haha its got to be the 'Sex on The Beeeeeech' warm-up that our spanish surf coach friend Pedro likes to do! 

What’s the best thing about being a surf coach?

Doing a job you love and getting to see people progress with their surfing abilities.

What’s the worst thing about being a surf coach?

Hard to pick something really but I would have to say its pretty teasing when you're coaching on the beach and the waves are firing. Wearing a wetsuit all day sometimes gets a little uncomfortable! 

What qualifications do you need to become a surf coach?

You need to hold a RLSS Beach Lifeguard certification and a ISA Level 1 or higher Surf Coach Award. 

Have you taught surf lessons anywhere else other than Newquay?

I started coaching in the Canary Isles and I also worked at a surf school in the Carribbean. 

If there is one top tip you can give a beginner surfer what would it be? 

Spend as much time in the water as you can. The more water hours you can fit in, the quicker you will progress, plain and simple. Also, try to have a goal for each surf session that you aim to achieve, no matter how small. A good example when learning is to maybe aim for five 3-second plus rides in that session.