There are many different types of holidaymaker – some people like to travel alone and explore far off destinations, others like to have relaxing breaks by the beach and soak up the sun, others love to seek adventure and take part in outdoor activities. Cornwall is an amazing location in the south west region of the UK and it is a true playground for those who enjoy an active holiday and exploring the beautiful outdoor regions of our Island.

Why should you consider adventure activities?

Adventure activities can provide many benefits for both your mind and body. This type of activity usually involves physical exertion and interaction with nature or your immediate surroundings. Some of the main benefits of adventure activities and outdoor adventure are listed below:

– Improve your physical fitness.
– Improve your knowledge of the environment and natural world.
– Develop your confidence and self-belief.
– Improve bonds and relationships with your friends and family.
– Try something new and exciting.
– Experience a different part of Cornwall and Newquay.
– Learn some new skills.

As you can see, adventure activities and outdoor pursuits are simply fantastic for many aspects of your life. The thrill of Coasteering or Surf lessons Newquay will provide you with fond memories, whilst wilderness camping could teach you new skills. Furthermore, this type of activity often requires teamwork so you can strengthen bonds and trust with your family and friends. Finally, outdoor activities often allow you to interact with nature and improve your knowledge of plants, trees and wildlife. Once you have felt the adrenaline and rush of outdoor adventure you will want to experience more!

Why are Cornwall and Newquay havens for those seeking outdoor activities?

Cornwall is known for its beautiful stretches of rugged coastline, sleepy coastal villages and historic mining past. This county is one of the best locations in the UK for those who wish to embrace the outdoors.

Firstly, Cornwall has some amazing beaches and bays that are perfect for surfing. Secondly, Cornwall has some unbelievable stretches of dramatic cliffs that lend themselves to activities such as coasteering and base jumping. Thirdly, Cornwall has a well-developed network of professional organisations such as Cornish Wave who are dedicated to providing adventure activities to tourists and locals alike. Finally, the landscape and countryside are varied and lend themselves to this type of outdoor pursuit. In short, there is no better location in the UK for a slice of adventure!

What can Newquay and Cornwall offer in terms of outdoor adventure?

Now that you understand why adventure activities are so fantastic, and why Cornwall and Newquay are ideal locations, you should be aware of exactly what activities you can try your hand at! There is a wide range of different activities you can engage in and new variations are popping up every day. Listed below are some of the most popular adventure activities you can find in Cornwall and Newquay:

– Surfing (Fistral beach anyone?)
– Wilderness camping (fancy sleeping under the stars?)
– Coasteering (have you ever jumped off a 20ft cliff into the ocean?)
– Hiking trails (Enjoy the beautiful scenery)
– Water sports (kayaking and jet skis?)

Hopefully, this selection of activities has given you food for thought and enlightened you on the outdoor pursuits available in this wonderful corner of the UK. Adventure is waiting just around the corner for those who seek it – come on down to get your surf lessons Cornwall and explore the great outdoors today!

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