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Why have you decided to start your own Surf School and which steps of your life brought you there ?

My instructing and coaching life started out as an activity instructor in the UK and Europe with large outdoor companies.  As i had a water-sports background i naturally developed more in these activities. After some years in this i began to get the feeling i should start to put together the beginnings of an idea to work for myself one day. I never envisaged myself to be a big power player in the business world, but more to have spent some years working hard on an idea and achieving some personal goals through this business.

It just so happened that i had been based in Cornwall on and off for a 2 or 3 years whilst studying FDSc in Outdoor Management when i felt that a decision about which direction to go with work came to a cross roads. This decision and the fore mentioned germ of an idea grew into Cornish Wave Mobile Surf School.

Why should people choose Cornish Wave Mobile Surf School? 

We honestly care about what our customers experience with us. Cornish Wave is a small business and we value you the customer. We’ll never see you go un happy. Approachable and friendly its now become a family and friends business.  We provide a good honest wholesome way to have fun safely in the sea and learn a skill.

What is it like being a surf instructor in Newquay?
Love it, loads of people kicking around in the summer and plenty of water time to be had.

Do you really get to surf every day?
Yeah, as long as your arms will hold up really.

What’s the funniest thing you have seen someone do or say on your lesson?
haha its got to be the ‘Sex on The Beeeeeech’ warm-up that our spanish surf coach friend Pedro likes to do!

What’s the best thing about being a surf coach?
Doing a job you love and getting to see people progress with their surfing abilities.

What qualifications do you need to become a surf coach?
You need to hold a RLSS Beach Lifeguard certification and a ISA Level 1 or higher Surf Coach Award.

Have you taught surf lessons anywhere else other than Newquay?
I started coaching in the Canary Isles and I also worked at a surf school in the Carribbean.

If there is one top tip you can give a beginner surfer what would it be? 
Spend as much time in the water as you can. The more water hours you can fit in, the quicker you will progress, plain and simple. Also, try to have a goal for each surf session that you aim to achieve, no matter how small. A good example when learning is to maybe aim for five 3-second plus rides in that session.

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Ashley Williams, aka Ash
28 years old
Surf Coach years: 8

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– What is it like being a surf instructor in Newquay? It keeps you on your toes I find. There is such an amount of instructors in the area it makes you work hard and be the best that you can be at it. All the top schools such as Cornish Wave grab the best instructors and this keeps their clients happy and keeps us instructors happy, then as we are proud to provide a good all round service. With such an amount of coaches around its helps with learning something new every day for you as a cah to then be able to pass on and develop. being able to adapt to clients needs and give them a fun and well informative lesson.

– Do you really get to surf every day? 
As Billy Connolly says ‘ they’re is noting wrong with the weather only the clothes that you are wearing’ Same with the surf here in the Newquay area. their is always waves to be surfed and just got to adapt with your boards for your sessions.

– What’s the funniest thing you have seen someone do or say on your lesson?
This is extremely difficult as every day I will have myself laughing at something. Beginner or not, young or old. anybody who is learning a sport they will make mistakes and to see them laugh at themselves just can get me in sticthes.

– What’s the best thing about being a surf coach? 
Change. I just love it. The weather and people every day to every lesson change. Age, culture, thoughts, surf size, wind strength. Everything changes and in every moment. A person going into the sea is never the same person as when they get out and I just love watching this happen and the connection people get from being out enjoying themselves and learning.

– What qualifications do you need to become a surf coach? 
A beach life guard qualification that is recognized in that country and to teach a novice surfs.  A level 1 surf coach certificate.

To be a good coach. The biggest thing I feel is ‘adjustment’. You need to adjust to every single individuals needs in every lesson and this will change to every single wave they catch. Adjust to how you speak to them, hold your self with groups and others to be a welcoming informative person for those to understand. A friendly manny in all aspects and wide knowledge of the surf products and gear that suits your clients. As soon as they catch there first wave they are hooked and you know right away they will be quizing you later about gear to invest in etc..

– Have you taught surf lessons anywhere else other than Newquay? 
Ive thought in and around the Cornish region, while majority of may 11 years teaching has been back home in Ireland. I have done more coaching in central america in Nicaragua too for 4 months which was a change from the cold wetsuit.

– If there is one top tip you can give a beginner surfer what would it be?
Stay warm, you will enjoy it more and get more out of your surfing. invite friends to come try too. Notting better than catching waves with friends, Notting!!


  • ISA Certified Surfing Instructors

    Our surfing instructors are ISA certified, meaning you can have peace of mind you’re being taught by an active professional in the field.

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    All of our open group surfing lessons are covered by our Price Match Guarantee. We shall match any genuine quote for a Group Surf Lesson in the Newquay area!

  • Equipment Available on Hire

    All necessary equipment such as warm wetsuits, surfboards are available on hire. Just make sure you bring a spare change of clothes and an awesome attitude!