Does the thought of jumping from dizzying heights into the deep blue sea get your pulse racing? Find out more about how deep water jumps play an important part of coasteering history.

Coasteering – including the act of hurling oneself into the ocean from a great height – is fast becoming a popular adventure activity up and down the UK. And as this new craze develops we take a closer look at where this adventure activity came from!

The act of jumping from height into water has had a fairly significant cultural role in other civilisations around the world throughout history. One striking example comes all the way from eighteenth century Hawaii.

In 1770, the island of Maui’s last independent ruler, King Kahekili leapt from a towering 63ft cliff known as “Pu’u Keka’a” (don’t ask us how to pronounce that, apparently it’s more commonly known as Black Rock nowadays) into the waters of Kaunolu Bay. After this feat he was then referred to as “The Birdman” and insisted that his warriors repeated the jump as a display of courage and loyalty!

If jumping from almost 20 metres was the way to show loyalty, what was the punishment for not jumping? It’s probably best not to think about it.

If jumping from heights isn’t your thing don’t worry, each of Coasteering adventures allows the individual to take on as much or as little as they want –  the only tests of courage and loyalty will come from yourself.

All aspects of our routes are optional and if you don’t feel up to a certain challenge our experienced and qualified guides will help you find another way that suits your comfort levels.

Coasteering is open to everyone and is an easily accessible outdoor adventure activity that doesn’t require a pre learned skill set to allow you to enjoy the experience.  Adventurous by nature or simply just curious – Coasteering caters for all levels of adrenaline junkies.

If that still sounds too intense, we have surf lessons Cornwall that will keep you at sea level.

For more information about Coasteering read up on our guide to Coasteering What to Expect or dive into the Coasteering FAQ’s.

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