Adventure Weekends

With free time at a minimum and fun time a priority, making the most of your weekends through experiences and quality time is paramount.

If you enjoy an active lifestyle and seeking adventure, balancing your free-time and work can be difficult. With friends calendars booked up well in advance a new era of solo travellers is emerging – where making the most out of your free time doesn’t require endless planning and back and forths.

Seek adventure like a pro without having any days off work with our variety of adventure weekends in Cornwall.

1. Do more with your weekends

Pack in as much as you can to your weekends. Don’t wait for friends to magically organise themselves or leave it for a big occasion. Our adventure weekends are perfect for individuals, couples and small groups of friends looking to get on and get something done.

We’ve designed our variety of Adventure Weekends to fit into any weekend and can be easily packed into a standard weekend without you and your friends or family needing to take time off work!

You can travel down on a Friday evening and leave Sunday afternoon, ready for work on Monday morning! Our surfing, coasteering and wild camping adventure weekend for example packs in these three awesome activities and still leaves you time to head back home in reasonable time on Sunday, fresh and ready to brag on Monday.

2. Meet like-minded people

If you’re a solo traveller or joining us with a friend you’re in good hands. Our adventure weekends are comprised of like-minded people who are short on time yet still game for some fun.

With the majority of weekender’s having minimal experience with our activities, you’re all in the same boat. There’s no need for prior experience and we’ll teach you all you need to enjoy the weekend’s activities in a pressure-free, relaxed environment.

3. Make use of bank holidays

Not counting Christmas Day and Boxing Day, UK citizens get 5 bank holidays per year. These are gifted days that you should make the most of. You can turn a standard two-day weekend into a three or four-day adventure. With these additional days, there’s time for adventure and still time to keep on top of those all-important life chores.

Tip: Our Bank holiday weekends book up well in advance!

4. Get Something Done

Don’t let work limit your life. Don’t be shackled to your desk. With so many options for great adventure weekends in the UK, you’re spoilt for choice. If you want to adventure like a pro then make the most of your weekends without sacrificing your working life and livelihood!

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5. Travel with ease…

It’s gotta be said, Cornwall is a long way from most places in the UK. It’s part of its charm. From overnight buses, trains and regular flights to car sharing there’s plenty of options to get yourself down to the sunny coastlines of Cornwall.

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