Family Coasteering in Cornwall

Family Coasteering in Cornwall

Cornwall is one of the premier holiday destinations for active families in the UK – Thousands of families flock to this picturesque part of the British Isles year after year to enjoy the wonderful scenery, interesting heritage, and fun variety of outdoor activities – Not to mention the world famous Cornish pasties!

Whilst keeping the troops entertained can be a job itself, luckily Cornwall offers a wide choice of things to do that will keep even the most energetic family captivated. Here at Cornish Wave we understand family time is important and that holiday memories are some that last the longest.

In particular our Coasteering sessions have proven to become a popular choice for families seeking the thrill of adventure during their stay in Kernow and this article will help you understand why!

What is Coasteering?

Coasteering has a broad definition and can encompass a wide range of different activities, but in general, it can be defined as: “A physical activity that involves movement and interaction with a stretch of coastline without the use of a boat, surfboard or other craft”

In essence, Coasteering is interacting with the natural environment found on coastlines. This interaction could include swimming in the waters at the base of rock cliffs and exploring caves and outcrops. Alternatively, it could also involve scrambling or climbing across a rock face to the waters below. Moreover, many Coasteering sessions involve exhilarating cliff jumps where you can safely hurl yourself off the top of a cliff and splash into the sea beneath you. As you can see, the dramatic Cornish coast is perfectly suited for this type of activity, and the many cliffs, bays and changing conditions can provide a different experience every time.

With professional and experienced guides to show you the ropes, teach you the basics, and ensure that you get to truly explore the Cornish coastline up close and personal, our guided Coasteering activities can offer a huge amount of fun, excitement and challenge for a family. We’ll be sure you’ll have a great time on your coasteering Cornwall adventure!

Know Before You Go

Prior to families booking their Coasteering adventure in Cornwall, we often get asked various questions about the activity, in the section below we highlight some common considerations relating Coasteering in Cornwall.

We are often asked how safe is Coasteering? What equipment do I need?  Or, do I need to be fit to enjoy a Coasteering session?

More information about Coasteering can be found in our complete FAQ’s, our blog or get in touch with this form.

Safety – Possibly our most frequently asked question , “Is Coasteering safe?” – Yes of course it is!

Although some descriptions of what is involved in Coasteering may be designed to attract adrenaline junkies in actuality there is very little risk involved undertaking the activity and huge all round benefits to be gained. As with any adventure activity the very nature of the experience is often outside of peoples natural comfort zone however,  our highly experienced guides will ensure your safety at all times.

Trusted Coasteering providers typically adhere to guidelines laid out by the National Coasteering Charter. This charter aims to promote Coasteering as an activity to be enjoyed by all and to ensure that safe practices are used at all times. Owner of Cornish Wave Jorrin Massingham is an active member of the NCC and currently one of two NCC representatives for Cornwall.

Equipment – Safety equipment will be provided – This includes a helmet, wetsuit and buoyancy aid. You can find out more about what to wear in Coasteering in our blog. We ask that you bring something to wear under your wetsuit, a towel and a pair of lace up trainers that you don’t mind getting wet.

Physical Fitness – A question that is asked just as often is, “Do I need to be physically fit?” – Not really no! Coasteering does require a certain degree of physicality and endurance, but you do not need to be supremely fit or someone that attends the gym 5 times a week! It is advisable that you are a confident swimmer, however – If you are not, you may not find the experience as enjoyable.

Cliff Jumping – Some people are terrified at the thought of jumping off the top of a cliff, but don’t worry – You do not have to jump if you do not want too! It is highly recommended that you do take the plunge, conquer your fears and jump, however – You will feel exhilarated after the experience!

Why is Coasteering in Cornwall a fantastic family activity?

Hopefully, you will now understand what Coasteering is about – but why should you bring your family to Cornwall to experience this type of activity? What is it about the combination of Coasteering and Cornwall that proves to be so popular, rewarding and memorable? These pointers will explain why!

You can bond as a family – During a coasteering session, you can work together as a family – You can challenge each other, and help each other overcome your fears. This type of activity promotes teamwork, cooperation and bonding and your family will feel closer after the experience.

You can tailor the session to suit your abilities – Each coasteering session is different – If you simply want a taster, you can opt for a low-intensity coasteering adventure that doesn’t involve as much physical exertion. Alternatively, if you have a family of experienced swimmers and climbers, you can go full throttle and test your limits!

Cornwall offers a truly diverse coastline – The Cornish coast is one of the most beautiful stretches of scenery in the UK. Rich in history, full of wildlife, stunning to look at – Each section of coast you explore can offer something different – From quiet sheltered bays, to open stretches of sea and cliffs. There is no greater location to experience coasteering!

You can learn as they have fun – Whilst interacting with the cliffs and water, your children will learn a host of valuable facts about the natural world. They will learn about the sea, different cliff formations, varieties of plant, and species of wildlife. As a family, you will feel enriched both physically and mentally.

As you can see, coasteering is a truly fantastic activity that can impact your life in a variety of ways. What better way to experience the county of Cornwall than to explore its coastline and at the same time, build your bonds and come together as a family?


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