Surf lessons for the lads…

Stag Do’s are supposed to be truly monumental events that will create fantastic memories and serve as the groom’s last send off before they descend into married life. Every man wants his stag do to be memorable and his friends will want to create a weekend that they can all be proud of.

As the idea and concept of the bachelor party has evolved, people are seeking new and different ways to celebrate this event – The simple pub crawl is now a thing of the past and stag do’s are often immense events that are spread over a whole weekend and involve a variety of different activities.

How can you make your (or your friends) stag do memorable? What unique and different activities can you organise that will create a lasting memory? Why not consider travelling to the booming Cornish coastal town of Newquay and take surfing lessons? Cornish Wave offer a surfing stag do experience that is sure to deliver!

What does Newquay have to offer in terms of surfing opportunities?

Maybe you have heard of Fistral Beach? If not then simply put, it is one of the most highly regarded surfing locations in the world. Due to this factor, Newquay has a well-developed surfing industry and infrastructure, and businesses like Cornish Wave excel at providing quality surfing lessons. The Cornish coast and Newquay, in particular, can create some terrific waves that are generated from the Atlantic Ocean – Surfing here can be enjoyed like no place else!

Why is surfing a fun activity for a Stag Do?

A more appropriate question might be why is surfing not a fun activity for a stag do! Consider the scene – You and your friends have travelled to Newquay and are pumped full of adrenaline and excitement – You can see the waves crashing onto the beaches! As a group, you gear up in your wetsuits, stroll across the beach like the cast of Baywatch and pick up your boards. The waves are waiting…

Surfing offers something completely different as a stag do activity – You can learn a new sport, enjoy the beaches and waters of Newquay and have a total blast with your friends. Who cares if you aren’t a natural? The laughs, banter and antics will more than compensate for your lack of surfing skills! Furthermore surfing will help refresh you after a heavy night out in the bars and clubs of Newquay, or alternatively, it will help build up your excitement for the future night to come!

What can you expect from your action packed weekend away?

Cornish Wave offer tailored surfing packages specifically for stag do parties that will provide your group with a truly epic experience. Take to the waves with our professional surfing instructors and learn how to master the board in style! Our prices are competitive and the service we provide is second to none – We pride ourselves on our skill and dedication, but we also know how to have fun and will ensure your surfing lessons are packed full of laughs and fun.

To experience the fantastic activity of surfing and create an epic stag do that the groom will be proud of, why not get in touch today!

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