Activity Weekends Cornwall

Try something different – try an adventure break in Cornwall!

Fancy a weekend of excitement and adventure? Do you want to try out some new activities and embrace the outdoors? If this sounds like you, then why not join us for one of our Wilderness & Adventure activity breaks in Cornwall!

Create lasting memories and allow yourself to embrace your adventurous side!      Create lasting memories and allow yourself to embrace your adventurous side!

What is an adventure break?

An adventure break is a short trip which includes different outdoor and adventure activities and are fast becoming a fantastic way to refresh from your daily routines. Take advantage of our in tailor-made mini adventure break packages and try your hand at Surfing, Coasteering & Wild Camping in Cornwall.

Whether a solo traveller, a couple or several friends your sure to meet some great people on the social weekends. With no experience needed for the activities everyone is welcome and sure to experience something new and exciting.

What benefits can an adventure holiday offer?

Mini adventure holidays are truly something else – they are extremely different from a standard holiday but still offer a plethora of benefits for individuals, families or large groups. Some of the main benefits of this type of holiday are seen below:

– Improve your fitness, stamina and core strength.
– Enjoy the outdoors and improve your knowledge of nature.
– Try out some new and exciting activities such as coasteering.
– Improve bonds and trust with your friends and family.
– Meet new people and make new friends.
– Explore a different region of the UK.
– Build your own confidence and self-belief.

Whilst relaxing holidays are a great way to rejuvenate, an activity holiday is a great way to expand your own horizons, learn a new set of skills and improve your bond with the outdoor world. You will feel rejuvenated in a different sense, and you will undoubtedly create some fantastic memories.

How can a weekend in Cornwall change your life for the better?

Cornwall is one of the prime locations in the UK to enjoy an adventure break. Cornwall is a playground for those who love the outdoors and being active. This county has some world class beaches that are renowned for surfing, some breath-taking stretches of coast that are perfect for coasteering, and some gorgeous landscapes that are waiting to be explored.

An adventure weekend in Cornwall combines the excitement and thrill of adventure activities together with the unforgettable landscape that this south western county provides. You can surf at Fistral beach in Newquay, take to the forests and try your hand at wilderness camping, or even head on down to the cliffs and practice a little coasteering. The possibilities are endless and this region of the UK is perfectly suited for adventure breaks.

Why not step out of your comfort zone and try something different? Create a truly memorable experience and consider an adventure break in Cornwall today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Seek the Outdoor Adventure Activities in Cornwall!

Join us for adventure activities in Cornwall as a solo traveller, family or as a group of friends celebrating a Stag Do or Hen Party. We have a great range of daily Surfing lessons, Coasteering sessions and hosted Wild Camping experiences. 

Epic Stag Do’s – Surfing in Newquay

Epic Stag Do’s – Join us for an epic Surfing Stag Do in Newquay.  Our surf lessons for lads are the perfect way to energise for the night ahead or refresh from the night before. Get in touch to book your epic surf stag surf lesson in Newquay. 

How to Know What Surfing Lesson is Right For Me

Thinking about surfing in Newquay? Here is the insider’s guide to knowing what surf lesson is best for you.

Making the choice to join a surf school for tuition is an important decision that certainly starts your surfing career off in the right direction. But what actually happens, what do you learn and what type of surf lesson is best for you?

These are just some of the common questions we are asked by people who join us at our Newquay surfing school. In this post we go behind the scenes, break down what actually goes on and answer those common questions that all beginner surfers face when learning to surf.

Benefits of taking a surf lesson:

Before we get into the detail of answering those important questions, let’s take a look at some of the top benefits of getting some surf tuition from the pros.

  • Get answers to common surfing questions
  • Gain insights & coaching based on tried & tested methods
  • Discover the do’s & don’ts and save the embarrassment of surfing faux pas
  • Build your confidence in the ocean
  • Save time by learning the correct methods from the start
  • Learn the basics from a professional surf instruction

Whatever your rationale or taking a class, learning to surf in a supervised environment with a qualified surf instructor is the best way for you to get a complete introduction in the surfing world, giving you a great head start in the sport.

different types of surf lessons & what is involved in each one?

We’ve kept it simple for this post but you can find out more information by getting in touch or by visiting each surf lesson page.

  • Group lessons
  • Private lessons
  • Progessor surf course

All of our lessons are two hours long from once you are ready. We don’t include enrolment time or getting changed as part of this so you’ll have plenty of time on the beach and in the water.

‘Our pledge to anyone joining us for a surf lesson is to have passed on enough information for you to feel comfortable enough to rent some surf equipment and head out to a beach and practice surfing on your own with a clear understanding of basic surfing techniques and beach safety awareness.’


Group surfing lessons are designed to provide a fun and informative introduction to surfing for absolute beginners. You’ll be in a group of up to 8 other likeminded individuals, typically the lessons are made up of a wide variety of budding surfers from solo travellers, couples, groups of friends and families, all eager to give surfing a go.

Delivered by a friendly and experienced surf coach your group surf lesson is fun and safe environment to pick up the basics.  Perfect if you want to see what all the fuss is about or if you’re at the start of your surfing path.

What will I learn? 

  • Introduction to beach & surf safety
  • Basic surf terminology & parts of the surfboard
  • Prone surfing, how to catch waves on your stomach, and controlling your surfboard.
  • Fundamentals of how to pop up, ride waves to the shore and wiping out safely.


Private surf lessons are the arguably the best surf lesson format for learners seeking optimum coaching – you can enjoy these as part of a small group of friends, family or on a One to One basis.

1) Choose a private surf lesson if you want the undivided attention of a surfing professional, maximising the amount of knowledge, skills and feedback you can obtain.

2) Mixed ability groups – if you are visiting Cornwall with a group of friends or maybe some have more surf experience than others, a lesson exclusive to your group gives the coach flexibility to provide tips for both beginner and developing surfers without the distraction of other members of the public in your group.

3) small children under 8 years old? Typically surf schools in Cornwall only accept students into group surf lessons that are eight years and older. If you have youngsters who are dying to surf then private tuition is the best way to ensure they have a great time and learn about the sea safely.

click to Take a look at our range of private surfing lessons 


Condensed learn to surf courses tailored to your ability and timetable are the ultimate vehicle to learn & improve quickly.

Much like an intense driving program, these progressor surf courses are a full immersion into the surf world. A good learn to surf course should touch on all areas of surfing from the basic physical movements to understanding the ocean and even the finer details of surfboard shapes, styles and history.


Learning to surf or even developing your surf skills can be a long draw out process for most.  It seems that unless you’re lucky enough to start surfing at a young age or have plenty of time to donate to your new favourite hobby, surfing can prove to be a frustrating road to success.

The good news is, given time in the water your surfing will improve even if it doesn’t feel like it.  To give yourself that little boost to get ahead of the curve, taking a few tips from a dedicated and qualified surf coach can really give you that edge, progressing your understanding and developing the correct techniques that are proven to work.