Coasteering: Coasteering Fun Facts

Coasteering in Cornwall is the best way to take an up-close look at local history, culture and the natural environment. Start your journey with some fun facts about the highlights of our Newquay Coasteering routes.

Exploring the “Armpit”!

One of the most popular coasteering areas in the UK is only minutes from the Cornish Wave headquarters.  Due to the shape of the headland resembling an armpit the area is now known locally as the Gazzle, meaning “Armpit” in Cornish.

The Gazzle headland overlooks two of the top Cornwall surf spots –  Newquay Town Beaches and  Fistral Beach.

Starting a Coasteering Session on the Newquay Headland -

Starting a Coasteering Session on the Newquay Headland – “The Gazzle”

Historic Defences

Just beyond the Discovery Coasteering start point is an old Second World War gun battery. The battery was built in 1940 and housed two 4 inch naval guns. It was operated by the 396 Coast Battery of the Royal Artillery.

The Battery was built to defend the northern beaches of Newquay from Great Western to  Watergate Bay. All of these beaches were riddled with mines and defences except Tolcarne beach. As Tolcarne was privately owned and the proprietors had recently spent money building the promenades and beach huts, they chose to keep it open to the public throughout the war.

Exploring local history along the Newquay coastline

Exploring local history along the Newquay coastline

From Seafood to Sun Seekers

Newquay is today synonymous with Surfing and seaside holidays, but up until the early 20th century is was a small fishing village most famous for its Pilchards!

There is a “Huer’s Hut” above the harbour from which a lookout would cry “Heva!” to call out the fishing fleet when pilchard shoals were spotted.

The population of the town increases over the summer months from 20,000 to 100,000 because of the number of holiday makers that flock to the town to stay in its holiday accommodation. If you’re planning a stay in Newquay, check out our Surf and Stay accommodation partners.

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