Coasteering for a Better You – Part 2

Coasteering in Newquay offers much more than just a quick adrenaline fix. For those seeking an exciting, rewarding Cornish experience, immersing yourself in the water and getting intimate with the natural forces that have shaped the Cornish lands can provide many benefits.

Part 1 of the Coasteering for a Better You series focussed on the physical benefits and brainpower boosting opportunities of a Coasteering Session. Part 2 takes a closer look at how Coasteering can build essential life skills and let you become more mindful of your environment.

Coasteering to Become More Responsible!

Our Coasteering adventures are tailored to your needs, and our experienced guides will teach you how to manage yourself safely in the coastal environment, so that they can focus on providing the best route for your group.

By exposing yourself to managed risks along the way, we can build a healthy understanding of risk management and confidence in your own abilities as well as learning to recognise your own limits.

Coasteering builds confidence in your abiliites Coasteering builds confidence in your abiliites

Coasteering to Be Confident!

After swimming through tidal rapids or jumping from towering cliffs it’s probable that you will feel a great sense of achievement. Feeling good about your actions and accomplishments goes hand in hand with feeling confident about yourself.

We tailor our private Coasteer adventures to suit the needs of each individual, allowing you to overcome challenges at your own personal level. After achieving things that seemed almost unattainable at the start of the route, we guarantee you will have found a new level of confidence in your abilities. So get ready to lift that head up high and be proud of who you are!

Coasteering brings you closer to nature Coasteering brings you closer to nature

Coasteering to Build Respect For The Natural World!

During your Cornish Coasteer adventure you may get up close and personal with the local wildlife. Molluscs, Crustaceans, Mammals, Fish and Birds all call this home, we are lucky to be able to see such variety whilst enjoying ourselves along the Newquay coastline. Getting close to the beauty of nature reminds us that it is worth protecting.

After a coasteering adventure in Newquay there’s every chance you’ll be able to say that you swam with seals, caught crabs in rock pools or marvelled at a pod of dolphins in the distance, feeling inspired to do your part to protect this rare natural beauty.

Learn more about the benefits of Coasteering in Coasteering for a Better You Part 1.

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