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Mini adventure breaks in Cornwall – Join us for our unique Surfing, Coasteering & Wild Camping activity weekends. 

Epic Stag Do’s – Wilderness Camping and Coasteering in Newquay

Friends enjoying the camp fire Wilderness & adventure  

Coasteering, Wild Camping & surf lessons in Newquay

We have already shown you the delights of the surfing stag do; join us now and discover another unique and epic adventure that is perfect for the grooms send off – Wilderness Camping and Coasteering! These two activities are sure to create the perfect stag weekend, and could, in fact, be at risk of eclipsing the actual wedding! If you are looking for something different; continue reading and learn about the fantastic activities that Cornish Wave can offer your stag party.

Wilderness Camping – Up close and personal with nature

As the name implies, wilderness camping involves immersing yourself in nature and camping out in the elements – True Bear Grylls style! What better way to start your stag weekend than to come together as a group away from the fast paced, high energy world and relax yourselves in your own private Wild Camp? You can truly exercise your manly traits and ingenuity – Don’t worry about pitching tents, Cornish Wave have you covered. We provide large canvas Bell tents or if you really want to sleep under the stars request a hammock and drift off by the light of the fire.

Forget about the pubs and bars on your first night– There is plenty of time for that on your big night in downtown Newquay! Before the nightlife calls, enjoy a fun and action-packed adventure in an area of secluded Cornish woodlands, and learn some basic bushcraft and camping hacks. Your group can come together, chat, have a laugh, sip a beer or two and be at one with nature before enjoying a thrilling session of Coasteering or surfing – Top all that off with an immense night out in Newquay and you have the perfect stag weekend.

Axe throwing bushcraft

sunny woodlands wild camping

Coasteering – Show off your skills

Once you have spent the night in your private Cornish campsite, you can then undertake an action packed and adrenaline fuelled session of Coasteering. This activity is all about testing your limits and experiencing the Cornish coastal regions. You will take to the cliffs surrounding Newquay and test your climbing and swimming skills; also your nerve and bravery.

Each Coasteering session is different from the last – Maybe you will scramble across a cliff face and down into the sea below? Maybe you will find a hidden cave or swim along a stretch of water? Maybe you will perform a series of spectacular dives from the top of the cliffs and plunge into the salty abyss? Whatever your Coasteering session contains, your stag group is sure to have an amazing time. You will bond as a group, push each other to the limit, and create some immense memories.

coasteering guide jumping 

Stag Do’s with a twist – Embrace your wild side

As you can see, these activities will create a unique stag do that rival wedding groups will be envious of! An adventure weekend with Cornish Wave will start with an interesting and fun night of wilderness camping on Friday, progress into an action packed session of Coasteering or surfing during Saturday daytime, and then finish with a wild night out in Newquay in the evening!

This truly is a fantastic trio of activities and will create an epic stag do. Newquay is already known for its lively nightlife and is a popular venue for stag parties, but Cornish Wave take this to the next level and show you everything this Cornish region has to offer!


We offer our Price Match Guarantee for all Stag Do surfing lessons and Coasteering sessions.

  1. Contact us with the dates that you wish to join us for some Stag Do Coasteering
  2. Confirm that you are happy with your Coasteering session details & pay securely via Paypal or over the phone on 01637 872031 between 7am and 9pm each day.
  3. You’ll be given your arrival time in your booking confirmation email. Meet us at our central base in Newquay (4 Alma Place, Newquay, TR7 1NF) Bring a towel and a something to wear under your wetsuit. We provide the rest!

For further information about any of our Stag Do Coasteering sessions or Wilderness & Adventure packages please get in touch using our contact form, send us an email using or give us a call on 07771 718 125 or 01637 872031.

Why Wild Camping is the Perfect Family Activity in Cornwall

There are hundreds of choices for a family outdoor activity. We take a look at some of the unique benefits of a Wild Camping Experience for parents and children alike.

Relaxing for Parents, Fulfilling for Families

Wild Camping is an opportunity to spend time as a family in nature. There’s something quite unique about family time together in a natural environment. Research by Dina Izenstark and Aaron Ebata at the University of Illinois describes the feeling of mental relief for a parent watching their children play in nature – allowing them to stay in charge but accompanied by a sense of ‘letting go’ not experienced at home.

The feeling of fulfilment is theorised to come from the increased focus on yourself and others while Wild Camping. Izenstark and Ebata’s research suggests that when attention is restored in a natural setting, a family unit is able to pick up on each other’s social cues and become closer. 

Families can find it easier to bond over activities like mealtimes in the outdoors Families can find it easier to bond over activities like mealtimes in the outdoors

Managed Risk

Over 80% of parents in a recent Sport England survey state that ‘children get less exercise today because parents are afraid to let them go outside alone, particularly their daughters.

Research by Play England points out that although 70% of adults had their most memorable childhood adventures in outdoor spaces among trees, rivers and woods, only 29% of children today can say the same, with most young people naming the playground as the setting for their biggest adventures. The Director of Play England, Adrian Voce, shows how the research indicates this is largely due to risk averse parenting.

Light bushcraft skills can build confidence in a risk-managed environment Light bushcraft skills can build confidence in a risk-managed environment

Wild Camp experience is a managed risk introduction to outdoor adventure. It is just far enough removed from the everyday to make a lasting impression and facilitate a memorable adventure, yet it remains a safe and controlled environment.

Activities are designed to be challenging and adventurous, yet safe. Learning and exploration is facilitated by Institute of Outdoor Learning qualified guides.  Risk is not completely absent, but properly managed and children are encouraged to experiment and explore.

When children are helped and allowed to experience risk, even in a semi-controlled way, it helps develop their ability to deal with it and builds self-confidence. It encourages them to think for themselves and develops their resilience.

Good Habits for Life

Outdoor activities are fun and there are so many to choose from, but after the thrill of the action you may be wondering what lasting effect those experiences will have on your children, and yourself! Time in ‘green spaces’ such as the woodland setting of our wild camp have been shown to have a profound, long lasting effect on a person’s relationship with the outdoors.

A study by Aspinall, Montarzino & Thompson from Heriott-Watt University has shown a strong relationship between frequent childhood visits and being prepared to visit woodlands or green spaces alone as an adult. By contrast, not visiting as a child was associated with a very low likelihood of later adult visits.

Cooking marshmallows over an open fire

According to Sport England research, parents of children who are active outdoors are twice as likely to become active themselves. Similarly, the children of parents who are active outdoors are twice as likely to become active themselves.

Several studies cited in a recent Natural England report suggest that people enjoy physical activities more when undertaken in greener environments. The evidence shows that people were more satisfied following physical activities in the outdoors (compared to indoors) and reported a greater intention to repeat the activity in future.

So if being more physically active is a goal for you and the family, Wild Camping in a natural environment is likely to foster a long-term love of the outdoors and an active lifestyle.

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A real wild Stag Do Weekend

Planning a Stag Do in Newquay?  Camp, Coasteer and Surf on a diet of Wilderness and Adventure before the big night on the tiles in Newquay.

1. Wilderness

Cooking over an open fire Cooking over an open fire

Friday night we’ll test your mettle, city boys beware – you’re about to get close to nature. Our guide will stick you in the middle of our purpose built wild camp in our private woodland to fire up those primitive survival instincts.

Learn some basic bush craft skills, barbecue your dinner over open flames, throw some axes and sip on some cold beers around the fire before retiring to a proper bed in your spacious tent. You’re in the wilderness, but we’re not savages here.

Wake up the next day refreshed and raring to go for a weekend of activities ahead.

2. Activities


Stag Do Coasteering - Deep Water Jumps Stag Do Coasteering – Deep Water Jumps

On emerging from the woods, we’ll throw you a wetsuit and lead you to a rock face, which you will then leap from into the ocean.  You’ll navigate currents, sluices, whirlpools, caves and protruding rock as you work your way around our adrenaline filled Coasteering course.


Grab a board and catch some Cornish waves as you master the coolest sport on earth. You’ll spend the morning and afternoon on the world renowned Fistral Beach, where we’ll guide you through the basics and have you on your feet in no time! A Newquay Stag Do isn’t complete without a Surf Session.

3. Nightlife

Stag Do’s and Hen Parties alike flock to our slice of God’s country for good reason! Fancy dress required and please drink responsibly; cider before beer. Newquay has a notorious night scene teeming with clubs, bars, ladies and gents who are all out for a good time.

It’s the perfect way to finish off a weekend of wilderness and adventure!

Sunset in Newquay - A big night awaits Sunset in Newquay – A big night awaits

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The smart way to do a Stag Do

Here in Newquay, we’ve seen far too many cases of a Stag Do done wrong. With just a little planning, you can avoid the pitfalls of a bender best forgotten and instead make sure your Stag gets a weekend to remember.

The Problem

Have you ever been on a Stag Do weekend and experienced the test of not one, but two nights on the town? There’s always the promise amongst you that the Friday will only consist of “a few drinks”, and the Saturday will be the big push. This is of course is complete rubbish and a heavy Friday night plunges the entire weekend into boozy anarchy.

The telltale sign of an over-enthusiastic Friday is the painful Saturday daytime, which invariably turns into a chore. The troops must be rallied out of bed and forced to have fun.

You’re in Newquay to have fun, but Saturday’s activities are completed with only half of the posse making it through unscathed. You’re all knackered, hungover, hungry and wanting to sleep in your own bed.

Saturday night starts seeming more like an attempt to summit Mount Everest. The strong amongst you grin and bear it, but nobody is on top form.

So what if Friday evening could be just as enjoyable but a little less taxing? What if there’s a better way?

The simple solution

It’s called the Wilderness and Adventure Weekend, and it goes a little something like this:

Friday Evening

Wake up to Wild Camp Brekfast

Settle in, kick back and catch up with your mates over a beer as you are introduced to the camp and the itinerary for your evening.

Do as much or as little as you want – take part in some team challenges and games, learn some fire starter bush craft skills or simply swing in a hammock and watch the world go by.

Saturday Morning

Enjoy a hot breakfast around the smouldering camp fire. How does a bacon and egg sandwich sound? With tea and coffee to warm your bones as you ready yourselves for the activities ahead.

Check in to your Newquay accommodation – drop your stuff off then get on the road to your activity.

Saturday Afternoon

Make the most of what you’ve paid for and get the best out of your activity session.

Option 1 = Wilderness Wild Camp Experience + Surfing Lesson at Fistral beach

Option 2 = Wilderness Wild Camp Experience + Coasteering Session

Option 3 = Wilderness Wild Camp Experience + Surfing Lesson + Coasteering Session

Head back to your accommodation and get ready for the big night on the town.


Get ready to hit the town, feeling fresh and pumped up from a day of Surfing and Coasteering. Now you’re living like a Newquay local, this is going to be a big one.


Do as you please before you leave. We’re always up for catching some more waves or a quick Coasteering route so if you’ve got any energy left, give us a call.

What’s in a Wilderness & Adventure Weekend?

Outdoor cooking on a Wild Camping Stag Weekend

  • Friday night social, Bushcraft, BBQ, Activities and Luxury bell tent accommodation
  • Choice of Surfing or Coasteering on the Saturday morning / afternoon.
  • Get the best of both worlds and enjoy a Wilderness and Adventure Weekend.
  • Your own host to guide and assist your early evening activities. And share local knowledge of the best nightlife and watering holes
  • Tailored to you! Each Wildness & Adventure Weekend can be tailored to you – Just let us know what you want!

Read more about our Wilderness & Adventure Weekend. Do your Stag Do the right way.

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