Mental Health Benefits of Exploring Nature

fistral beach surfing lesson

How to Know What Surfing Lesson is Right For Me


Choosing the right surf school and correct surfing lessons is hard, let us guide you through the different benefits & surf lesson formats to ensure you get the most out of your tuition, coach and time in the water. 


Understand How to Spot a Rip Current


Understanding Rip Currents and how they form is a fundamental skill that all surfers learn and respect, not only for themselves but for the sake of others. Discover how to identify a rip current when surfing and what to do should you ever need to help yourself or a fellow surfer. 

Activities In Newquay: Why We Love Adventure Activities (And You Should Too!)


Why we love activities in Newquay.  Join us for exciting adventure activities in Newquay and share our passion for Surfing lessons, Coasteering sessions or Wild Camping. From making memories with family & friends, exploring nature to keeping fit - these are just some of the reasons why we love adventure activities.