Beginners Guide to Surfing & Self Surf Coaching for New & Developing Surfers

front cover for beginners guide to self surf coaching - surfer riding a wave


Our self coaching guide to surfing starts at the very beginning of a surfers path, covering basic how to’s, good surfing practice and giving understanding to the common errors and misconceptions that all new or developing surfers face, taking their surfing to new heights.
If you have ever wondered:
How to accurately describe surf conditions?
When is the best time to paddle for a wave?
How to generate speed in surfing?
The importance of a good stance?


Then this is the guide for for you...
Our surfing advice and guidance is drawn from over 14 years of coaching and instructing in the outdoor adventure activity industry. All of what is contained in this guide is what we pass on to our guests who join us at our surf school in Newquay Cornwall.
We use the iAM Bands Independent Ability Measure to help our coaches and guests place a mapped timeline on their surfing. This guide will be most useful for Explorer up to Skilled surfers. 


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