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It’s not always easy, jumping (sometimes quite literally) into the unknown and embracing a bit of adventure. It can be daunting, uncomfortable and a little overwhelming. But it can also be incredibly rewarding, exhilarating and really good for you. Sure, sitting on a beach, reading a book has its benefits, but so does learning a new sport, going on an adventure and exploring a different side to a holiday. Taking on an adventure in Cornwall is the perfect place to embrace your adventurous side and see for yourself what kind of benefits it can bring.

There are also plenty of amazing beaches for reading. Just in case.

It’s good for your mental wellbeing

Stepping out of your comfort zone can do wonders for your mental health. Within limits, of course. There’s no point in being so afraid of heights that you go up in the airplane but never actually jump out of it. The thrill, however, of getting over a fear is definitely worth the initial worry.

Challenging yourself to do something new can help to build self-confidence as well as relieve stress. Doing something physical, such as learning to surf or going coasteering, doesn’t just keep your body fit but helps to keep your brain engaged too. Physical exercise can improve memory and reduce low moods. 

Not to mention that adventure is really fun! Doing something new, physical and taking a risk can give you a rush of endorphins which naturally just make you feel better. 

You never know what you might find

How can you possibly know that you don’t like scuba diving, wild swimming, paragliding or skiing if you’ve never tried it? Taking the plunge could be how you find something that you love doing but that you’d otherwise have been too afraid or reluctant to do. It could become a new hobby that you really enjoy!

You can guarantee an adventure holiday will be memorable

Doing an adrenalin-filled activity with friends and family is sure to be something you’ll remember for years to come. It can also be a great way for you to meet new friends and share experiences. After all, the best friendships are made around shared memories and what could be better than a fun adventure holiday!

You’ll discover a new you

It’s not only new hobbies that you’ll find when you embrace a different adventure, you’ll also discover a new outlook on life. You’ll feel stronger when you take that leap off the cliff and that mentality is something you can apply to everyday life. Risk-taking (or what we perceive to be risky but which is in actual fact well thought through by an instructor) can help to bring us out of our comfort zone and help us to feel more confident at work or in our normal lives.

Aventure helps you to travel and experience new things

Whether it’s white water rafting in Alaska, skiing in the Alps or surfing in Costa Rica, choosing adventure can help you to experience new landscapes, people and cultures. You’ll learn different customs in different countries and how various adventure sports developed over the years. It will give you something in common with the people around you and you’re bound to learn so much more!

It’s good for your physical health

By definition (at least by ours) adventure means you’re outside taking in the fresh air, experiencing something new, and doing something physical. That means that it’s good for your whole body – not just your brain. Many of us spend too much time in the office (even if that’s now the living room), commuting or in front of the TV. Getting out on an adventure helps to keep us physically fit whilst also having fun and enjoying the local landscape. You can cycle around Cornwall, hone your surfing skills or even take part in a wild camping weekend to get the most out of this beautiful county.

Fancy a bit more adventure on your next Cornish holiday (with some beach time if you fancy too)! Check out the activities we offer at Cornish Wave so you can experience the benefits for yourself!

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