A hen party should be an unforgettable experience. It should be a memorable event that the bride can cherish for years to come. But how can you ensure that the hen party is a success? How can you make sure everyone has a great time and the party runs without any setback?

If you are planning a hen party for the bride-to-be, we have created a simple list of 5 do’s and don’ts to make sure everything goes to plan and the bridge has everything she could wish for from her hen party!


1. Plan and Book in Plenty of Time

Leaving things until the last minute is asking for disaster and disappointment. If you have a venue in mind or an activity for the hen party, be sure to book it in plenty of time. This will ensure you get exactly what you want, and that the venue or activity isn’t booked for the date of the party.

2. Plan for the Bride

Some people make the mistake of planning a hen party for themselves, and not for the bride. Remember, this party isn’t about you – it is about the bride. Think about what they want, what they enjoy, and consider their personality. This will help you choose suitable party activities that they will like.

3. Have a Clear Budget

Not everyone can afford to spend hundreds on a hen party. Before booking things and making plans, set a budget and make sure that all the guests are comfortable with it. Having a budget will also give people time to save for the hen party.

4. Consider Everyone Attending

Aside from the bride, you should also think about everyone who is attending. Not everyone has the same tastes and likes even in a close group of friends. Try to cater for everyone and avoid booking something that could offend someone, or make people feel uncomfortable.

5. Include Personal Touches

Finally, personal touches are an absolute must! These are the small things that the bride will remember, and that will make the party that little bit extra special. Personal touches could be things like favours, personalized t-shirts, and other personalized accessories for everyone to wear.


1. Book Right Next to the Wedding

Yes, the hen party should be near the wedding, but don’t book it incredibly close. Leaving time between the hen party and wedding will give everyone time to recover, but also allow the bride to soak up the hen party without it fading into nothingness as the big day looms.

2. Invite Someone the Bride Will Clash With

This is a recipe for disaster! Don’t just invite people you like. Think about who the bride gets on with and if there is anyone she doesn’t like. If so, it’s probably not the best idea to invite them. This will just cause tension and mean the bridge doesn’t enjoy the hen party as much.

3. Forget to Organize and Coordinate all Transport

Transport is especially important for a hen party. Can everyone easily get to the venue? If you are booking activities, can everyone get to the location? It is advisable to also book transport like a minibus so everyone can get there at the same time. Shared transport also lets you start the fun sooner!

4. Post Needlessly to Social Media

You should take photos and make memories during the hen party but be cautious about what you post to social media. You can embarrass the bride a LITTLE bit, but don’t go overboard! Protect her decency somewhat and don’t post everything to social media without thinking about how it could affect people first.

5. Plan the party for you

Finally, don’t plan the party for you. This is not your party – it is the brides! Don’t just think about what you like, and what you enjoy doing. Put yourself in the bride’s shoes and consider what she would want to do.

Get it Right and Plan the Ultimate Hen Party

We hope you have found this list of do’s and don’ts helpful! The most important thing to remember, however, is to have fun! Try not to stress out about planning the party and make sure you and everyone involved have fun too. If you consider these dos and don’ts you should be able to plan an awe-inspiring hen party that the bride will love!

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